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female_great_shapeSeeking optimum results in every facet of your life means that you’re very much aware of the vast number of health and performance enhancing products available to you.


Massive  marketing campaigns present life changing stories and tell you that you absolutely must supplement with their particular product. It is confusing, with the result that we spend much more money than we need to in order to improve and maintain a healthy body.


So, at Embla Global, we try to make it simple. You should:

  • Absolutely and definitely use an Arginine supplement for ensuring Nitric-Oxide supply to your entire body so that your body is unlikely to experience cardiovascular disease.
  • Encourage fat burning mode in your body with an Arginine formulation that maximizes hypothalamic Leptin receptor site sensitivity.
  • Protect yourself from free radical damage that is coincident to Nitric-Oxide production.

Our products, Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, were designed by experienced wellness coaches to give you maximum cardiovascular benefits, maximum cellular and free radical protection and maximum Leptin sensitivity for ensuring that your body stays in a fat-burning mode, and maximum muscle repair, enabling you to stay lean and trim.

These two products are the most complete and beneficial L-Arginine products on the market. You should choose them because they provide maximum nitric oxygen benefits, including Human Growth Hormone stimulation, coupled to protection and repair of your critically important cell membranes and receptor sites.

Whether you are an athlete or couch-potato, young adult or centenarian, our products are the right choice for putting Nitric-Oxide to work in your body, without fear of damage due to free radicals. If you are an athlete, Cardio Pro is the right choice for you, and for everyone else, Cardio Care is the product you should use.


“You are as old as your arteries are stiff.”
(Statement, referring to arterial stiffness, is attributed to Dr. William Osler of John Hopkins University)

Arterial Wall Flexibility is a Hallmark of Being Young!

Embla Arginine Cardio Care or Cardio Pro

Science has irrefutably shown that supplementing one’s diet with Arginine and a small amount of Citrulline (taken away from other foods) helps to support one’s body in making its cardiovascular system more elastic, integral, supple and healthy through increased Nitric Oxide release.

Increasing Nitric Oxide Release Through Arginine Supplementation Is Extremely Smart !!

Having ample Nitric Oxide in the body is a grand key to ensuring a future course that is clear of devastating cardiovascular events (which cardiovascular events are the leading cause of death worldwide). Also, having plenty of Nitric Oxide in the body supports optimal brain function, immune function, wound healing and sexuality to ensure a highest quality of life. So, having ample Nitric Oxide is a very wise thing!

Our two Arginine / Citrulline supplements, Cardio Care or Cardio Pro, are Complete Nitric Oxide Enhancing supplements. They are complete, because not only do they encourage optimum Nitric Oxide release for several hours into your blood stream which helps cardio_pro_canister_130cardio_care_canister_130to soften arterial walls and improve blood flow by improving arterial wall flexibility, but, the Arginine and additional components help stimulate endothelial cells and hormone receptors to repair themselves, helps the Hypothalamus Leptin receptors to repair themselves to that they can signal for the fat burning mode, which helps weight to normalize, and provides additional nutrients that help the body to protect itself against inflammatory free radicals.

   * Cardio Care is for everyone.
   * Cardio Pro is for persons who are seriously trying to build muscle mass.

Cardiovascular disease is caused by a nutrient deficiency!

Everyone knows that scurvy, a dreaded disease that plagued people of past centuries, was caused by diet that was missing a necessary nutrient called Vitamin C. And so, eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C has virtually eliminated the disease of scurvy.

Similarly, heart disease is caused when the body is missing the nutrient called Nitric Oxide. Supplying that nutrient through foods and/or food supplements can likewise virtually eliminate cardiovascular disease.

Both of our complete Nitric Oxide Producing products taste GREAT and will help elevate your enjoyment of life to its maximum. Please learn more by continuing to read. (See photos of Bill Busby - winner of 2012 Senior Natural North American Body Building Championship. Bill Busby is a several-year user of Embla Arginine products.)

The Science Behind our Product Line:

Consuming our Complete Arginine formulation on an empty stomach results in one’s endothelial cells (blood vessel linings) releasing large amounts of Nitric Oxide, and that:
  • Helps one’s arteries to stay healthier, undamaged and more flexible, promoting cardiovascular health
  • Promotes the release of HGH (human growth hormone) - for thicker, healthier skin and muscles and improvements in:
    • Sexual performance
    • Quality of sleep
  • And much more — including the support of healthy blood sugar levels, more rapid wound healing, faster, clearer thinking, better immune system functioning.









The understanding about L-Arginine derived Nitric Oxide benefits was such an important breakthrough that a Nobel Prize for Physiology & Medicine was awarded to these three scientists (left).

Nobel Prize Winners
Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro & Ferid Murad

Dr. Louis Ignarro (center photo, above), UCLA professor, when summarizing 28 years of research into wellness benefits resulting from L-Arginine-derived, Nitric-Oxide supplementation, said,

“Cardiovascular and other related diseases are characterized by a deficiency in Nitric-Oxide. The main reason for this is a lack of Arginine. The body uses two amino acids to produce Nitric-Oxide: Arginine and Citrulline. Nitric-Oxide is the body’s natural way of preventing strokes and heart attacks, provided we make enough of it.”

These Nobel Prize winners are not alone in their praise of Nitric Oxide. There are tens of thousands of Arginine/Citrulline/Nitric Oxide scientific articles showing irrefutably that Nitric Oxide is essential to life and to long-life and to optimal sexual function and brain function and immune function.

In light of the overwhelming scientific knowledge of Nitric Oxide’s benefits to the cardiovascular system, for a person over the age of 40, to not ensure adequate levels of Nitric Oxide in his/her body is foolhardiness. It is especially foolish because it is so easy to drink our good tasting Complete Arginine supplement once a day which will ensure optimal Nitric Oxide release with no downside. See our Arginine benefits page to learn about the many wonderful benefits of Nitric Oxide supplementation. One of the first things that Arginine does is help repair damaged endothelial cells. Once those cells are repaired, Nitric Oxide production increases to youthful rates, promoting HGH production, wound repair and greater cognitive powers (something every senior citizen wishes that he or she had).

At Embla Arginine, we have accepted the mission to teach the world that, in most cases (congenital defects excepted),  cardiovascular disease is as preventable as scurvy... because all one has to do to avoid cardiovascular disease is to intake the nutrients that produce Nitric Oxide. The most important way to give the body ample Nitric Oxide is through Arginine supplementation. In this regard, Columbia University singles out Arginine as — The Miracle Molecule in Cardiovascular Health. So, in regard to Arginine supplementation. Do it!... or possibly die way too soon!putlargininediscoverytowork

Putting the Arginine/Nitric Oxide discovery to work in one’s own life should be a must for everyone who cares about their physical and mental health and who desire the benefits of feeling and looking biologically younger, reducing fat storage, maintaining healthy blood pressure and cardiac output, and increasing physical and sexual stamina

Arginine is the Body’s Source of Nitric Oxide

nitric_oxideBiochemically speaking, the amino acid L-Arginine is what the body uses to create Nitric-Oxide (NO) . Also, Citrulline converts into Arginine. Therefore, supplementing your diet with Arginine will increase the availability of Nitric-Oxide in your body, which will provide the benefits described by Nobel Prize winners and other scientists of improved brain function, improved immune function, improved energy and cardiovascular protection.

Brand New “Complete” Arginine Formulations

cardio_care_canister_225cardio_pro_canister_225To the backdrop of numerous Arginine products, we offer two products that are in a market category all by themselves.

That category is Complete

meaning these
two Arginine products are complete and capable, in and of themselves, of generating a multitude of health benefits such as: Increasing Nitric-Oxide levels, promoting cardiovascular health, increasing HGH release, promoting adipose fat tissue burning, improving immune function, fostering deeper sleep, increasing the rate of formation of muscle tissue, etc. (all that Nitric Oxide helps do in the body’s cells)  — while simultaneously protecting and repairing cell membranes (especially endothelial cells) from free radical damage.

Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, our two complete L-Arginine products, provide you with superior Nitric-Oxide release benefits as follows:

      • Endothelial cell integrity and elasticity (supports normal blood pressure & cardiovascular health)
      • HGH release (supports optimum human growth hormone levels)
      • Immune system enhancement (greater resistance to colds/illness)
      • Improved brain performance (aids both learning and recall)
      • Wound healing (supports faster recovery from trauma and tissue damage )
      • Leptin receptor site sensitivity (supports fat burning by helping the hypothalamus sense leptin levels)
      • and many other benefits, including sexual performance that you’ll enjoy from using this unique L-Arginine product

Cardio Care and Cardio Pro’s
Complete Arginine formula provides:

  1. Powerful and long-lasting Nitric-Oxide release (with all the benefits described to the left) via a blend of Arginine and a small amount of Citrulline as recommended by Nobel Prize winning Arginine scientists and other top Arginine researchers
  2. Endothelial cell and cell membrane nutrition that restores damaged cell membranes and Leptin receptors to full function
  3. Free radical neutralization
  4. Nutrition that supports fat burning mode to enable optimum weight
  5. Nutrition that supports improved sleep
  6. A great, orange flavor that we call Eastern Orange Crème

Cardio Care and Cardio Pro were created by Embla Global. Their research team focused on offering complete Nitric Oxide boosting formulations that everyone (athlete and non-athlete alike) could rely upon in terms of anti-aging, cardiovascular health, sexual health and the numerous other Arginine / Citrulline benefits while simultaneously providing cell protection, endothelial cell  and Leptin sensitivity promoters to offer the following specific benefits:

  • Enhanced Nitric-Oxide production
  • Improved cardiovascular performance
  • Youth hormone release
  • Increased sexual performance
  • Reduced stored body fat
  • Advanced muscle building performance
  • Improved immune function
  • Enhanced brain performance

Here’s more about what makes our products, Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, powerful and unique:

Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, both utilize the the amounts of L-Arginine and Citrulline recommended by Nobel Prize winning scientists, Ferid Murad, Robert Furchgott and Louis Ignarro, to provide a sustained release of Nitric-Oxide. Pretty much, all Arginine and Citrulline supplements can stimulate Nitric Oxide production in the body; but Cardio Care and Cardio Pro go beyond other supplements by including cell protectors and endothelial cell function enhancers. By not including a large amount of Citrulline (which some other formulations mistakenly do), Arginine does not stay elevated all day to compete with Lysine). Our product provides you with a complete benefit and protection package formulation and greater Nitric Oxide production. The difference between Cardio Care and Cardio Pro is that Cardio Pro includes additional Branched Chain Amino Acids to help muscles rebuild and become stronger after workouts. These are not needed for those who are not involved in muscle building.

Cell Protectors

Since the production of nitric free radicals is coincident to life, energy creation in the mitochondria being the biggest contributor, our formulation includes several ingredients that combat free radicals. These ingredients include:
  1. Curcumin - neutralizes free radicals, especially valuable in inhibiting lipid peroxidation (membrane aging) and oxidative DNA damage (overall aging) of cells. Also, very protective of brain cells. If you can only pick one nutrient for fighting brain aging, this is it.
  2. N Acetyl Cysteine - helps to significantly boost levels of glutathione, the body’s master free radical fighter and detoxifer. Helps slow down overall aging of the body and brain tissues. Improves muscle endurance and protects against fatigue.
  3. Chromium Polynicotinate - improves cellular energy production and protects against damage to cell membranes.


Endothelial Cell Enhancers

Since damage (from toxins and deficient nutrition) to endothelial cells (cells of the arterial wall lining where Nitric-Oxide is produced) can impede Nitric-Oxide production, Embla Arginine includes ingredients that protect and enhance the health of endothelial cells. These ingredients include:

  1. Banaba - promotes endothelial production of Nitric-Oxide, improves energy production and helps lower blood sugar. Also, promotes efficient metabolism (leading to weight normalization). Protects against cell stressors and free radicals
  2. Vanadium - improves cell membrane function
  3. Choline - improves cell membrane function and signal transmission
  4. Folic Acid - repairs endothelial cells and cell membranes
  5. Vitamin B5 - protect cell membranes and helps neutralize nitric free radicals
  6. Vitamin B6 (Pantothenic acid) - repairs cell membranes
  7. Vitamin B-12 - repairs cell membranes, including endothelial cells


Leptin Receptor Site Repair Agents

A primary cause of excess stored fat is hypothalamic insensitivity to Leptin signaling. For the human body to be in fat burning mode (which keeps you skinny), the hypothalamus must respond correctly to Leptin levels. Embla Arginine helps insure that the hypothalamus is sensitive to Leptin with the following ingredients:

  1. Chromium Polynicotinate - helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites
  2. Vanadium - helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites
  3. Curcumin - helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites
  4. Choline - helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites
  5. Arginine - boosts Nitric-Oxide levels - NO helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites and reduces Leptin signaling interference by removing blood lipids
  6. Citrulline - boosts Nitric-Oxide levels - NO helps restore sensitivity of Leptin receptor sites and reduces Leptin signaling interference by removing blood lipids

Cardio Care and Cardio Pro will provide you with maximum Nitric-Oxide production and protection of your all important cell membranes, including repair of Leptin receptor sites making our Cardio Care and Cardio Pro Products, your perfect L-Arginine choices.

Our in-house research shows that our Cardio Care and Cardio Pro Products equal or exceeds other comparatively tested Arginine formulations in terms of enhancing cardiovascular function, mental function, muscle growth, immune function and promotion of fat-burning. Both of our products provide your cells with superior protection from free radical damage.

Click here to learn about our special web pricing on Cardio Care and Cardio Pro Products.

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