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Our Complete L-Arginine Can Help Your Human Growth Hormone Levels And Cardiovascular Elasticity Return to where They Were In Your Twneties. Get Younger Now!

female_great_shapeSeeking optimum results in every facet of your life means that you’re very much aware of the vast number of health and performance enhancing products available to you.


Massive  marketing campaigns present life changing stories and tell you that you absolutely must supplement with their particular product. It is confusing, with the result that we spend much more money than we need to in order to improve and maintain a healthy body.


So, at Embla Global, we try to make it simple. You should:

  • Absolutely and definitely use an Arginine supplement for ensuring Nitric-Oxide supply to your entire body so that your body is unlikely to experience cardiovascular disease.
  • Encourage fat burning mode in your body with an Arginine formulation that maximizes hypothalamic Leptin receptor site sensitivity.
  • Protect yourself from free radical damage that is coincident to Nitric-Oxide production.

Our products, Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, were designed by experienced wellness coaches to give you maximum cardiovascular benefits, maximum cellular and free radical protection and maximum Leptin sensitivity for ensuring that your body stays in a fat-burning mode, and maximum muscle repair, enabling you to stay lean and trim.

These two products are the most complete and beneficial L-Arginine products on the market. You should choose them because they provide maximum nitric oxygen benefits, including Human Growth Hormone stimulation, coupled to protection and repair of your critically important cell membranes and receptor sites.

Whether you are an athlete or couch-potato, young adult or centenarian, our products are the right choice for putting Nitric-Oxide to work in your body, without fear of damage due to free radicals. If you are an athlete, Cardio Pro is the right choice for you, and for everyone else, Cardio Care is the product you should use.

shopping-cart2Embla Global’s
Cardio Care and Cardio Pro
(The Only Complete L-Arginine Products)
At Special Preferred Customer Introductory Pricing:
Regular Retail Price: $54.95
Special Online Price: $44.95
or $39.95 if you buy two or
more canisters in one order.

330 Grams (Cardio Care) or 360 Grams (Cardio Pro) Canisters - With 30 Servings Per Canister

Out of Stock - we’re out of stock on both (we miscalculated the production cycle) until May 1st.

Each 11 or 12 grams (Cardio Care or Cardio Pro, respectively) serving of our proprietary Embla Arginine formulation provides:

    • 5 grams of elemental L-Arginine
    • 300 mg of L-Citrulline (from Citrulline Malate)
    • Additional powerful ingredients for maximizing Nitric-Oxide output and endothelial cell protection.
      (See Supplement Facts)







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